Arcopedico Shoes

Arcopedico Shoes[dropcap] About Arcopedico Shoes: From the beginning, there was only one goal for Professor Elio Parodi – create a piece of footwear that would be synonymous with the word comfort. In 1966, Professor Parodi succeeded in attaining his goal and Arcopedico(r) footwear was born. Our feet have been thanking him ever since. The Arcopedico brand can be identified by three basic traits: the Techno-Elastic upper, an anatomic footbed, and the twin arch support system. Due to its patented design and cushioning system, an Arcopedico shoe offers benefits that other brands simply cannot. Wearing an Arcopedico shoe will actually exercise your foot, strengthen the muscles, and ensure more comfort in walking. The tops of your feet will breathe easy and your soles will want to keep walking long after you’ve stopped. Arcopedico not only offers an exceedingly comfortable shoe, they also offer many different styles and colors. You are sure to find something that will fit your casual lifestyle, whether it is an open toe sandal or a stylish Mary Jane. All Arcopedico styles are manufactured to provide you with industry leading comfort and durability. You owe it to your feet – try out an Arcopedico shoe.[/dropcap]

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